The internet is packed with Baja blogs and websites. Advice is readily available. Not all advice is created equal, and some of it is suspect. We’ve lived in Baja full-time for 14 years in the city running a small business and in an Ejido ranching. As a Gringo having lived here that long we feel confident that these websites provide the most reliable information. Feel free to visit them for your travel needs.

This compilation is by no means complete. There are plenty of other great online Baja resources out there as well. These are simply some of the websites that I have used and are helpful for travelers searching for credible advice:

Discover Baja – For over two decades, Discover Baja Travel Club has been the ultimate resource for people traveling the Baja California peninsula.

All Trails – A good resource for those wishing to hike Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur.

The Gringo Gazette – Baja’s largest English speaking newspaper.

The Baja California Post – Baja news and tips.

Baja Insider – Good resource for living and traveling in Baja.

Baja Fishing Reports – A good forum that discusses fishing in all of Baja. – Another good site for fishing information.

Magic SeaWeed – The go to resource for surf forecasts and surfing.

SurfLine – Another great surfing resource.

Talk Baja – Good forum for road conditions and weather.

Baja Nomad – Travel forum for Baja with loads of good information.

Baja Bound – The place to go for travel insurance and Border crossing information.

Baja Expo – One of the original Baja websites with some great information and insight to all things Baja.

Baja-Web – An older website that has some very valuable information on the towns of Baja.

The People’s Guide to Mexico – The best book ever written on traveling Mexico in my opinion though now dated. – Valuable list of free campsites in Baja.