Hot Springs


Valparaiso Hot Springs

Location – Tijuana

Just a quick drive across the border this hot springs resort offers guests a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, and spa services for an additional charge. Private Jacuzzi rental also available. Day visits only.

Guadalupe Canyon Oasis

Location – West of Mexicali

A desert Oasis close to the border with multiple sized private hot springs campsites for 2-16 people, natural cool pools and waterfalls, and restroom facilities and beautiful views.

Russian Valley Hot Springs

Location – Valle de Guadalupe

In a canyon near Valle de Guadalupe this hidden campsite has a small stream and multiple natural hot springs pools. It does require a 20 minute hike to reach the springs.

Rancho San Carlos

Location – Ensenada

Right outside of Ensenada it offers a swimming pool and multiple public hot springs tubs along with palapas, tables, and grills. Cabanas can be rented if desired.

Rancho Agua Caliente

Location – Ensenada

Nestled in the hills outside of Ensenada it is a campsite and hotel with a rich history. Numerous pools and hot springs tubs are spread throughout resort.

Punta Banda

Location – La Buffadora

In La Jolla Beach Camp, this hot springs is unique. The hot springs are revealed during low tide. Make sure to bring a shovel and dig out your own private tub on the beach.


Valle Chico

Location – San Felipe

At the end of a long dirt road this undeveloped hot springs site is where cold streams meet hot springs. The number of natural pools changes every year based on the weather. Truly off the beaten path.


Location – Puertecitos

With soaking dependent on the tides this site mixes sea water with sulfur spring water. A great place to sit near the water and enjoy yourself as the hot water relaxes your body and makes you forget about the long drive.

San Borja Hot Springs

Location – San Borja

In the historic town of San Borja this site offers guests history and hot springs. With palapas and campsites it is a great place to explore and unwind away from the more touristy spots. An eco resort is also nearby.


El Sargento

Location – La Ventana

Hidden beneath the sand, make sure to bring your shovel and dig your own private hot springs at the edge of the ocean waters. The best time to go is midday when tides are low.

El Chorro

Location – Santiago

Nestled in the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range at the base of a canyon. Cool water falls from the Canyon walls while warm water bubbles up from the ground. Perfect on a hot day.

Santa Rita

Location – Santiago

Just a short drive over from El Chorro to visit the next hot spring in town. It is smaller but more secluded with your only company usually being the small fish that enjoy the thermal waters.