Hostel Associations

As of this writing Baja or Mexico doesn’t have a Hostel Association and the hostels here allow patrons of any age. Fortunately, there are dozens of hostels in mainland Mexico and in Baja. Becoming a member of a hostel association has many benefits and perks. If you do plan to travel Europe or the USA becoming a member is certainly a good idea.

Perks of a Membership

  • Discounts at Hostels
  • Reduced Prices on Tours
  • Drinks Specials
  • Specials for Museums and Events
  • Travel Book Access
  • Discounts at Festivals and Shows

Why Become a Member of a Hostel Association?

The number one reason to join a Hostel Association is to save money when you travel. Being a member allows your travel kitty to go further. Due to a hostels convenient location in many cities they also allow members to stay in some of the best places a city has to offer. It’s all about location and hostels offer the most affordable places at the best locations for the budget traveler. To some, the biggest bonus to being a member is to meet like minded travelers to gain knowledge through other’s experiences. The social aspects of a hostel can’t be found anywhere else.

List of Associations


Hi USA has some of the best locations across America. They also have some of the most unique locations available. The membership only costs $18 USD so it’s a great value for a budget conscious traveler. With hostels in 18 states they have the most popular destinations covered.


YHA Australia

YHA Australia has over 70 hostels you can stay in. The first night you stay in one of their partner hostels you become a member of the Association as no cost or you can purchase a two year membership for $15. YHA Australia offers hostels in parts of Australia.

Youth Hostel Association of New Zealand

The official website of YHA New Zealand and the only place you can access a 10% discount for Hostelling International members. If you’re after secure, well-equipped, environmentally-friendly and modern hostels, you’ve come to the right place! Use our cost estimator to see how much you can save on your New Zealand trip with YHA.

Hi Hostel Canada

Save a minimum of 10% as a member. Receive offers and discounts at thousands of travel related businesses. With hostels in every providence you can bet you will find the accommodation you need.

ILH – Israel Hostels

ILH – Israel Hostels is a network of over 30 quality-assured independent hostels in Israel, from the Red Sea in the south to the Golan Heights in the north, and the major cities including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. ILH offers a wide choice of budget accommodation across Israel to make your experience in the country complete.

Hostel Association of India

YHAI remains primarily an accommodation provider and supports this with the provision of food and drink, educational packages to support school groups using hostels and since 1970’s. As a part of increasing tourism and youth traveling YHAI organizes several units via the National Office at Delhi and through its state offices. YHAI operates over 190 hostels and bunkhouses in addition to over 30 camping barns.

Japan Hostel Group

The Japan Hostel Group is a member of Hosteling International. They offer convenient locations and discount rail passes. Japan Youth Hostels, Inc.(HI-Japan) is a non-profit membership organization, with a proud history and a relevant philosophy.

Taiwan YHA

As a nonprofit organization, they are celebrating 20 years of experience in serving young travelers.Taiwan YHA, in cooperation with other national associations worldwide, belongs to the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF).

Taiwan YHA aims to: -Increase the Taiwan YHA Hostel network.-Promote youth travel in Taiwan throughout the world. -Promote the Hostelling International Network and website. -Participate in cultural and international exchange programs.-Organize educational activities

Pakistan Youth Hostel Association

PYHA is a non-profit welfare trust working towards the welfare of students and non-students. Take advantage of our affordable and highly subsidized rates and become a member. Subscribe to their Newsletter and learn about the activities, events and special offers at PYHA

Youth Hostels Association of England and Wales

The Youth Hostel Association of England and Wales is a charitable organization providing accommodations in both England and Wales. The objective of the Association is: “To help all, especially young people of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside, and appreciation of the cultural values of towns and cities, particularly by providing youth hostels or other accommodation for them in their travels, and thus to promote their health, recreation and education.”

Scottish Youth Hostels Association

Membership of Hostelling Scotland provides access to all of their hostels in Scotland. In addition members can access over 4000 more in 90 countries around the world. As of 2013, around 60% of its guests come from outwith Scotland.Hostelling Scotland is a self-funding charitable organisation, and as a not-for-profit business invests all surplus back into the organisation, both to develop the network and to improve older hostels

Italian Association of Youth Hostels

Since 1945, the Association has managed hostels throughout Italy. It strives to improve moral, cultural and physical aspect of travel. It promotes responsible traveling and social cohesion through it’s initiatives. As early as 2017 the number of overnight guests reported were 443.881, and 75% of them were young travelers coming from every part of the globe.

French League of Youth Hostels

A historic network of Youth Hostels in France SINCE 1930 with the objective of encouraging TRAVEL, exploration of the world, meetings, exchange and living together.

All Youth Hostels belonging to the network provide high-quality hosting. The Association is governed by law 1901 on Social and Fair Tourism. All Hostels in the French league of Youth Hostels are associative and fair with a charter to which all young and less young participants, users, employees and volunteers are committed.

Croatian Youth Hostel Association

Croatian Youth Hostel Association (CYHA) is a non-profit and non-governmental association and independent association of youth hostels that deals with the development of the youth tourism. HI Hostels in Croatia are located in top locations from Zagreb through Istria and islands all the way to Dubrovnik.

Greek Youth Hostels Association

They welcome visitors from all over the world. Their hospitality has a tradition to be proud of. In Greece youth hostels are exciting, group and youth travels become an experience, and family holidays are a gentle journey with tremendous impressions.

German Youth Hostel Association

The German Youth Hostel Association – Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk in German, or DJH for short – is a one-of-a-kind organisation. Its fundamental concept of being a place for the peaceful encounter of young people from all over the world is as up to date as ever.

Brasil Hostel Association

There are more than 95 Hostels - Youth Hostels spread across Brazil, in several states of the federation. Built on the principle of helping young people with limited economic resources to enjoy the nature and cities of the world, hostels are nowadays at the heart of international tourism for a wide range.

Czech Youth Hostel Association (CzYHA)

Czech Youth Hostel Association (CzYHA) is a non-profit organization that supports hostelling and travelling in the Czech Republic. They offer high standard quality hostels in Prague and across the Czech Republic. The Czech Hostel Card entitles its holders to accommodation in all youth hostels worldwide that are members of the International Youth Hostel Federation.

Finnish Hostel Association

The Finnish Hostel Association’s network includes nearly 50 one-of-a-kind and social hostels all over Finland. Every hostel has something that makes it unique and original. You can find distinctive accommodation options from experimental nature hostels to modern design hostels in city centers. The hostels do not only offer affordable and cozy accommodation, but also unforgettable experiences and exciting encounters with other travelers!

Irish Youth Hostel Association

An Óige is the Irish Youth Hostel Association and the Irish branch of Hostelling International. With 24 youth hostels all across Ireland including Cork, Galway, tour packages & great deals, it’s the best budget accommodation in Ireland.

Netherlands Hostel Association

Twenty hostels in the Netherlands. You can find them throughout the Netherlands – in the most surprising spots! You’ll always go home with memories of new adventures, as there’s so much to do in and around the hostels.There are countless excursion options from our hostels: soaking up art and culture in town, exploring the countryside or getting some fresh air on the beach.

Youth and Student Hostel Foundation of the Philippines

Hostelling International Youth Hostels in Philippines offer comfortable and affordable accommodation for the modern traveller of any age. Like all HI Hostels, Philippines hostel standards and quality are taken very seriously, all our National Associations are required to meet the internationally agreed high quality standards.

Slovenia Hostel Association

Slovenia has become the first country in Europe where the separate organizations, members of European Card Association (EYCA) and Hostelling International (HI), decided to issue a joint unified card. The card will become an indispensable tool in young people’s lives who like to discover different parts of the world or their home in Slovenia.

Austria Hostel Association

The Austrian Youth Hostel Association offers for over 70 years a non-profit and affordable overnight accommodation with high quality for groups, backpackers and families in Austria.

Belgium Hostel Association

A collection of hostels in Belgium offering discounts to members and great travel advice. The Belgium Hostel Association is operates with the support of the General Commissioner for Tourism of the Ministry of the Walloon Region and the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and COCOF.