Easily Get A U.S. Passport to Travel

Having a U.S. Passport to get back and forth from Mexico isn’t a necessity but it sure makes life easier

The United States has the lowest per capita issuance of Visas than any other developed country. So why should you get one?

  • It’s a great backup form of identification
  • In some states your state I.D. won’t meet requirements to board a domestic flight.
  • You actually decide to take that vacation you always wanted to a foreign land.
  • Peace of mind knowing you can go almost anywhere at a moments notice.
  • It’s probably the strongest form of I.D. one could have.

Step 1: Fill out a passport form (DS-11). You can down load and print it or obtain one from the Post Office.

Step 2: Provide citizenship evidence. This is a birth certificate. An original or copy that can be obtained from the state you were born in. If your not sure where to ask for a copy you can contact The National Center for Health Stats

Step 3: Show a photo I.D. Some Post Offices and many stores like CVS and Walgreens provide this service.

If need be you can easily find a Passport Acceptance Facility near you

Fees: For first time applicants the price is as such:

  • Passport Book – $110 + $35 execution fee (Valid for 10 years)
  • Passport Card – $30 + $35 execution fee (Only valid Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean)
  • Passport Book and Card – $140 + $35 execution fee

Normally it takes 4-6 weeks to process. However, you can pay an additional fee to have it expedited. In which case, it’s take 2-3 weeks.

See you in Baja!