Best Beach!

This is a bit of a cheat, since it's in Sonora, not Baja California, but it's so awesome that we're going to have to call it close enough! The beautiful beaches of the Biosphere Reserve of El Golfo, on the Sea of Cortez are breathtakingly beautiful.

Being that the waters of the Northern Gulf of California are so shallow, the tidal range on these beaches is huge, spanning several meters in height. This means that when the tides go out, you might have to walk a half-mile from your high tide-campsite before you hit water.

With this remarkable feature, however, comes bathtub-temperature, clear waters teeming with fish (bring a snorkel!), rays (don't forget to shuffle your feet!) and other creatures. You can watch coyotes run silently along the beach at sunrise and sunset, find all kinds of different shells, and enjoy the most spectacular sunsets.

Hop on Baja Trek's Beachfest, a four-day trip to El Golfo, if you're keen to experience it for yourself!

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