Hostel? What’s a Hostel?

If you’re already familiar with the hostel concept you can skip right over this little ditty. If not, please continue reading! In a nutshell a hostel is a unique travel experience. Found throughout the world hostels make traveling fun, memorable and extremely affordable for the adventure traveler.

What’s a Hostel?

Hostels can be found in some of the most desirable locations throughout Baja California. They offer strategic locations based on desirable locations. Unlike hotels, a hostel will often help facilitate, in many cases, your local experience by offering things like kayaks, surf boards, bicycles and fishing gear while offering a community feel based on a the shared travel experience of Baja California.

Hostels are also locally owned and run exclusively by the proprietor who has lived in the area in many cases. The ability to glean local knowledge and stories is unmatched in, say, a chain hotel. Knowing where to go in a foreign country is invaluable and is free for the asking.

Fellow travelers are the key to the hostel experience. Most hostels have a common area where travelers meet and discuss their planned activities and experiences. Often this results in people teaming up to make their Baja experience that much more enjoyable.

The amenities are also different. Besides the basics of a place to stay and a hot shower many hostels provide game rooms, board games or bars. In many places one can choose to stay in a budget bunk with other fellow adventurers or have a single room all to their own. The choice is yours!


Hostels are traditionally less expensive than hotels. This is due in part to the community feeling that comes with staying in a hostel rather than a hotel and the fact that most are family owned and operated. You can expect to pay in the range of $20 per night for the hostel experience depending on location and services. In essence, if you value a place that is embedded in the local economy and gives to the local community just by it’s very presence there then the hostel experience certainly gives more bang for the buck.


You can expect a hostel to be located in many of the same locations as hotels are. However, often the reverse isn’t true.

You’ll find hostels in Baja near some of the finest surf or fishing spots that would be too remote for the average beaten path traveler. Their bread and butter, if you will, is a local experience where nature is the draw. Local knowledge that’s not in any guide book goes a long way here. For example; “Where can I see petroglyphs near by?”, “How about local hot springs?”, “Is that surf break decent this time of year?”, or “How about that dirt road? Any good?” This is invaluable information in any Baja expedition.


Because hostels are found throughout the world and are designed for travelers you can expect an international feel. If you enjoy meeting people from around the world who have traveling Baja in common then a hostel is unsurpassed.

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it. We go to Baja for the adventure. The experience. No one ever bragged about staying at a Motel 6 or dining at a McDonald’s.

If you’re interested in meeting interesting people who share your travel desire while staying within a budget a hostel stay is the obvious choice.

Choose your adventure!

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